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You've probably heard that radon causes lung cancer. And you want to test, or re-test your home because you're concerned about your health and that of your family. But what's the best way to test radon and what's the best kind of radon test to use?

Well, there are basically two ways to test radon; either short term or long term radon testing:
  • Order A Radon Test KitShort Term Radon Tests - This would be any radon test that lasts for less than 90 days, regardless of the kind of radon test kit used. In most cases, short term radon tests are done for 2 days using our ST-100 Short-Term Detectors. However, a 30 or 60 day radon test done with an AT-100 Alpha Track Detector would still be considered a short term radon test and the test results would be no more valid than any other short term radon test. You should do a short term radon test if you have reason to believe your home might have very high radon levels or if you're buying a home and wish to test before the purchase.

  • Order Multiple Radon TestsLong Term Radon Tests - Are any radon tests that last for longer than 90 days. In general, the longer the radon test, the better the radon test. In fact, the very best radon test should last an entire year. That's why if you have the time, Home Radon Test.Com recommends using our AT-100 Alpha Track Detectors. You can get the advantage of both worlds by using our AS-100 Dual Radon Testing Kit. With this radon test kit you can use the 2-day tester to quickly find out if you have a potential problem. Then use the long term detector to test radon and get a more accurate reading.
So, if you've never tested before, you should test each livable level of your home with an ST-100 detector kit. Then you should follow-up your short term radon tests by testing each level of your home with an AT-100 alpha track radon tester.

If you have tested your home before, you should re-test using AT-100 Alpha Track detectors. You should place the AT-100 radon detectors on each livable level of your home and expose them based on the following:
  • If your first test results were between 2 and 8 pCi/l, then you should leave your AT-100 radon testing kits in for 1 year.
  • If your first test results were over 8 pCi/l (about 300 Bq/m3), then you should leave your AT-100 radon test kits in for about 3 months.

To get help choosing the right number of radon gas test kits for your home use our Radon Gas Testing Wizard. Or go directly to the Home Radon Test.Com radon test kit order page.

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