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You've probably heard that radon causes lung cancer. And you want to test, or re-test your home for radon gas because you're concerned about your health and that of your family. But what's the best way to test for radon and what's the best kind of radon test kit to use?

Home Radon Test delivers radon home tests to protect against hazardous home radon levels. To start with you should test each livable level of your home with a radon test kit. To get more help choosing the right radon test kits for your home use our Radon Testing Wizard . Or if you know which test you need you can go directly to the order page.
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Home Radon Test To Know Your Radon Level Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is emitted as uranium breaks down in the soil. EPA
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There Are 3 Key Things You Need to Consider About Radon Mitigation
  • You need to determine an appropriate radon mitigation method or methods.
  • You need to select a qualified radon mitigator or radon mitigation contractor to install your mitigation system.
  • You must have a post radon mitigation system maintenance plan to make sure your house stays radon free and your family’s health is protected.
Find out more about radon mitigation

How to Measure Radon Gas in a Home You Are Planning to Buy or Sell

It's very important that radon gas testing with proper radon gas detectors are done correctly as part of a real estate transaction since someone will end up having to pay to fix any radon detection problem. Although almost all homes can be fixed through radon mitigation, radon remediation or radon reduction programs, the cost to do so can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

This is important for the buyer and the seller so everyone is happy with the real estate transaction. If you are the buyer - buyer beware as they say; test the radon levels or have the radon levels tested before you buy the property. Sellers need to know if they have a potential radon gas problem that they can use a radon gas detector to determine the radon levels in the home or business. If they do find they have a radon gas problem most good radon inspectors can uncover or detect where the problem exists using quality radon detectors or radon monitors. They can then determine a radon mitigation or radon remediation program to fix the problem. Find out more about radon inspection services, what qualities you should find in a good radon inspector and home radon detection equipment for any real estate transaction

To get more help choosing the right radon test kits for your home use our Radon Testing Wizard . Or if you know which test you need you can go directly to the order page.
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